Saturday, May 31, 2014

Baby Girl (for deverse-May 31,2014)

How it swept me away
like the tide
watching you build castles
in the sand, forever blue
lay beyond.

 That moment
 took my  breath away
 held  tightly, deep within
 knowing I would always
 remember that August day.

Your laughter filling the
 sky, warming-
 more than Sun

The clouds came in
our family distraught
with illness, sad days
filled the blue.

But here we all are
embracing the memory
of your childhood-
 you taught us how
to love baby girl.

Now reluctantly
we let you go
knowing you will change
the world, as you have
changed us.


  1. Ah, there is nothing like watching a child grow from infancy through childhood and teenage years! And yes, each one of them will change the world in some way. A very joyfully reflective poem, Lisa.

  2. I love the voice of the mother, our children grow up so quickly ~ I like the pride in the end, knowing you will the change the world as you have changed us ~

  3. ah what a tough time of life...the letting go...releasing them on the world...knowing they will do great things...and that we can no long er protect them but....lovely memory to go back to as well...

  4. What a lovely poem, Lisa. Yes, it was sad, but letting go of someone in that way speaks of new beginnings. And you will always have the memories.

  5. Very tender Lisa - this touched me... Scott

  6. 'Now reluctantly
    we let you go
    knowing you will change
    the world, as you have
    changed us.'
    How true this is, if difficult the parting. Lovely words Lisa.
    Anna :o]

  7. Fortunately you have caught the memory so sweetly!

  8. so beautiful - you really captured this feeling perfectly <3


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