Sunday, March 16, 2014

What We Have Left Behind

A bloodline mix-
Compassion, fear

 painful thing
 when objects of affection fall,
 shattering our reflection.

 all consuming-
 it’s never the same
 some pieces no longer fit

We discard them,
build anew
and wait for the next storm
inside our fortress-
Only to discover
all things break

We build again

Holding palms to heaven
pleading for strength
to face a different world,
always missing what we
have left behind.


  1. oy...all things break...but they do grow stronger in the breaking...somethings at long as we are willing to put them back together...and yeah, some things will never be the same...and we do lose some things...hopefully we gain a few as well...

  2. So true we always miss what we leave behind....and sometimes we do have to plead for the strength when we recognize it.

  3. All things break ... maybe they just transform. Nothing ever stays the same, and change is part of life ... rebuilding with newly gained strength. Praying for strength is a good thing :)

  4. I like the rebuilding again ~ All things break and fall but we can always start anew ~ Lovely write ~

    Wishing you happy week ~

  5. Yikes good work it hurt me to like it :-)

  6. breaking and building anew is the process of life but it hurts.....nice lines..

  7. the last lines are really painful.. yet you describe it well... the disappointment.. how we idealize the other person might be the main reason for things to shatter.

  8. I agree change and growth can be exquisitely painful and it is hard to understand how the pieces fit together as they do but sometimes breaking and rebuilding makes us stronger

  9. So true.. all things break... but out of the shattered things new strength comes.

  10. This is so sad...always missing what is left behind. So hard, and easier said than done, to let go of what was in order to make the best of now. You capture pain so well in your words Lisa.

  11. Thought-provoking, as usual, Lisa. I like the truths you give us through your poetry.


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