Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sketchbook (for deverse 02/08/2014)



How the light flickers
shadows dance
true colors imerge
from the dark places-

The lightness of words-
growing heavy.

The hating of years
show their scars
in spite of fire’s illusion,

The pain aches once again-

If she could, she’d deafen
the other ear, and memory
would lie, as it’s split-forked
tongue learned long ago.  

“I never thought you were
 worth fighting for,”
 he said with spite.

“I never thought -
 you were worth saving,” but
 once upon a time, before truth
 reared its ugly head, she did.


  1. Yes, sometimes it would be helpful if one could deafen the other ear, I think...and some memories are really painful to recall indeed.

  2. Such a sad situation but told in an artfully done way. >KB

  3. oy, full of emotion...and there are things i have heard that i wish i could unhear as they dont ring on in our heads....heartbreaking...a bit

  4. How sad and tragic ~ Felt this one Lisa ~

  5. oh that is painful... and the weight of some words is just heavier than we can bear

  6. Lisa this is so painful to read... some words are like daggers... and healing will leave nothing but painful scars

  7. The spite and ugliness are palpable in this. So pain-filled. I especially like:


    How the light flickers
    shadows dance
    true colors imerge
    from the dark places-"

    Strong work.


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