Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vampire (for deverse- Wild Beasts)


You promise me eternity
where there is no sun

No morning call echoing
in the breeze of a newborn day

You tempt me with
undying beauty-
armor against old age

Yet I hesitate and realize
 all I hold dear will die
 in the darkness

You belong to the night
And all its black secrets

Forever would never be enough
for the sacrifice.


  1. Hey we wrote of the same thing, smiles ~ Forever would never be enough for the sacrifice ~ Happy Halloween ~

  2. while there are perks you def have to weigh the pay offs...i would imagine the hardest part would be watching those you love...and friends pass on...knowing you will outlive them all...

    1. Very true. It would be an extremely lonely existence.

  3. Very cool, Lisa! I especially like the last line. Fun night to be reading & writing poems :)

  4. You got that right! In front of those offers, we have to pause and think of Light and Love.

  5. We wish for ageless until we are faced with the loneliness of the sacrifice...beautiful piece Lisa

  6. what a great respite we have in death...thanks for the beautiful post :)

  7. So beautiful, haunting, and true I feel just as you do on the matter (said as if vampirism were a real option lol)


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