Friday, October 11, 2013

Don't You Remember?

Don’t You Remember?

Don’t you remember
those days of careless growing?

Fields of wild
we ran through
chasing the wind

feeling the sun bathing
the quiet earth
as we sprouted wings
and grew in our dreams

Never touching the ground
fearing it would ensnare us
and we would become like them-

The stable caregivers, money makers
lost in the grown up guise of all we
thought we should be.

Now here we are and the
ache of lost wings
beats us down
and we no longer
dance to the sound of angels

We just remember the lull
of their sweet voices echoing
in the distant youth, we left behind.


  1. smiles..second one today that has taken me back to those care free days before we had to be adults....i dont ever want to stop dancing....

  2. I don't want to stop dancing either! Thanks Brian.

  3. ...ache of lost wings... oh to remember the "Never touching the ground" of youth! I really like this.

  4. This just aches with nostalgia beautifully expressed

  5. I don't want to forget those days of careless growing ~ And I hope I'll always hear that voice ~ Good one Lisa ~

  6. Loving memories of youth! So much fun but how fast it was all gone! Nicely Lisa!


  7. So many wonderful phrases, such as "careless growing"; "the sun bathing the quiet earth as we sprouted wings," etc. Reflective and relatable.
    And your wings aren't lost; I find them here.

    1. What a beautiful thing to say, glad you find my wings here Janet.

  8. Yes...those were the days...maybe they are lost and left behind, but they do live on in memory! Beautiful poem Lisa.

  9. I find those memories of youth are quite clear lately.....beautiful poem!

  10. Oh this piece makes me want to cry with its truth--just beautifully written Lisa!


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