Sunday, October 27, 2013



Ocean breeze
holding its breath

as it reaches
the man-made walk
assaulted by the civilized world.

Bright lights-
shock to the senses

blinding one to the beauty,
invasion of sea and sky.

One must look to the depths
to find God in such a place,

so obscured by neon and noise
most often, he goes unnoticed.


  1. Lovely, Lisa ... I do like natural habitats, but when they become commercialized and modernized, they do lose something. This is so well expressed :)

  2. nice - & i think perhaps those who notice god at all will notice him anywhere, everywhere

  3. So true! Lisa this is so visual--really a lovely write

  4. Yes, Lisa, sometimes God is hard to find unless a person REALLY looks!! Your poem has an important message.

  5. That's when we have to work hard to lift our eyes above the noise and contemplate the sky!

  6. there are plenty of places it is harder to see god for all the glitz and glam...and def god is one you find in the most unusual places...though still there for sure...smiles...

  7. Beautiful message ~ Its sometimes hard to see beyond if we're blinded by those neon lights ~

  8. This makes me think of my trips to the beach as a child, I always found the boardwalks rather imposing and loud.


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