Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes
Lisa A.Williams

I saw-
in the bluest eyes
my reflection
held in acceptance.

I saw a kindred spirit
who knew all too well
the frazzled threads of
all I wish to be, all I ever was
and the darkness I fought
to free myself from.

In your eyes, I saw
A bond of eternal, maternal
hunger to feed the child within
who never knew there was a place
such as this, where all sins are wiped away
ashes scattered at the mercy of a timeless wind
and I could be as I am, imperfect, wandering
often lost .

In your eyes, I saw eternity.


  1. smiles...acceptance and eternity...its a beautiful thing to seein the eyes of another...and def inviting and comforting...

  2. Beautiful specially the second stanza ~ We are imperfect but in the eyes of a loved one, we can see the light and hopes of all that we will ever be ~

  3. Those are wonderful eyes to be seen with. To be truly seen and accepted...I think that is what we all want. Beautiful.

  4. How we yearn for acceptance and to find it rights our world..beautiful piece!

  5. Such a beautiful piece Lisa--we all want this I think--and sometimes, we find it--


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