Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wild Truth

Wild Truth
Lisa A.Williams

The downward curve
of a smile-
A lie being born
of a twisted tongue

Who tells no truth-
which grew cold
in the silence of their eyes.

Taking what was theirs-
Navajo, Cherokee, Mohican…..
endless names of those
who honored The Great Spirit.

Culture, history, lives
lost in fields of fire.

Bare feet dancing
to old blood born chants-
Feet remember as they beat
like drums on reservation linoleum.


  1. Smile can hide a truth , but it will come out someday or the other day,..

  2. Clever... the notion of "wild Indians" and what was taken from them, told to them, promised them. You weave the truth from a thoughtful perspective. I like this, Lisa.

  3. Really like how you wove the truth by reminding us of the ways of one of the worst times in American History, and why and how it came about.


  4. There definitely is something to be said for these old (and often forgotten) truths!

  5. The last line, Lisa, made me cringe, because it's the most blatant truth I've read on the prompt. Linoleum. What an insult to a people who never did anything to deserve it. Eurocentrism in America is not an oxymoron... we still think Empire rather than Empathy.

    Brill. Peace, Amy

  6. With full of deep truths........

  7. I loved the way you have depicted certain facets of history here. So much is said and done in the name of the truth far away from it!

  8. My grandmother grew up on a reservation so this has a very deep personal meaning for me, beautifully expressed

  9. Lisa,

    I really like your unique poem for the prompt. The attempts to hide, deny and erase the truth of culture, is a dreadful action. I am aware of the native Indian culture, which has been lost in many areas; but also the culture in my own birth place in Northern Ireland.
    I have been to see and visit many Reservation areas in America and shocked at the poverty and sadness which was real.
    Thank you for all your vists and comments at my Blogs:)

  10. Love the way you describe a lie. Love the imagery in the last verse - I could see that clearly.


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