Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All the Dead Doors (reposted from 08/23/2012)

All the Dead Doors
Lisa A.Williams

All the dead doors
bolted, warped in
old time, sealed
barring entry to a past
so keen
                                                                    in fortune telling.
long unspoken around
blazing hearths of kin
and truth.
Fathers’ wishes-
ashes now.
Mothers’ dreams-
cold, dead bolts.
Still, if I listen
heart remembers their
old songs,
if only I could hear
the true rhythm
                                                                     of their words.


  1. 'warped in old time', ' blazing hearths of kin and truth', 'heart remembers' a few of the touching phrases in this beautiful poem!

  2. Every phrase is perfect. This is one that is so deep, and sucks my breath away. You corner the market on poignancy.

  3. beautiful ... I love the way this builds to a final crescendo - "the true rhythm of their words"

  4. Remembering the past can be painful at times. If ONLY we could remember it exactly as it was! And, yes, the true rhythm of their words.

    1. If only we could remember. Thank you for commenting Mary.

  5. Your poetry is beautiful. I truly love your work.

  6. Those ending lines give this post a nice twist ~ Enjoyed this share ~

  7. ooh, I love how you did this~
    I too love your voice :D

  8. This proves to me that great idea do not need tom many words to express themselves.. Profound.. :)

  9. This poem resonated with me strongly. My parents died four months apart, about 20 years ago; Mama's anniversary is this week. I still see her in meditations, hear her laughter, remember her drunk and telling the outrageous stories about our family. My father... I only remember the good stuff now.

    I felt EVERY word of this poem, Lisa. Thanks and bless you. Amy

  10. Where words draw an image.... this one cojures old phantoms swiftly till another breeze breaks da charm from nostalgia to reality... truely amazin.. :)


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