Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Leave Me a Little Tenderness

A Little Tenderness
Lisa A. Williams

Leave me a little tenderness,
as the shadows
of another dying day
make their way
and the dark
envelopes this stillness
our silence lullabies.

Leave me a little tenderness,
as the years adorn
our hearts, with worry
and loss.

 still choosing to masquerade,
in tender youth,
while time passes

trying to sharpen our
soft edges
that she, herself has
has worn away,
in an existence
angels may not choose.


  1. Your last few poems simply ache with the tender beauty of experience, love and loss. oh, I so love this...'silence lullabies'.

    also, thank-you so much for your kind words at my 'porch':) Have a wonderful day! It's a snowy one here. My daughter's bus is cancelled.

  2. very beautiful...a tender piece:)

  3. I am first timer here...
    and it was soothing to read about the little tenderness... :)


  4. I feel the 'realness' of this piece. 'Leave me a little tenderness'...that tugs my heart. I feel the lives lived in this. And that first stanza especially is quite beautiful.

    1. Thank you Jennifer, as always I truly appreciate your comments.


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