Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In the '66 Malibu (Reposted from 07/2012)

In the 66’ Malibu
Lisa A.Williams

My dad, singing,
“I’m So Lonesome
I Could Cry”.
How the wind
loved to tousle
her thick dark hair
as my mother
leaned her face
toward the evening sky,
blue eyes
closed to the darkness.
in the back seat,
wishing dad would
choose another song
when he sang
the loneliness
into safekeeping,
only to be taken
by his voice into
“I Can’t Help it
if I’m Still in Love With You”.
I chimed in with
“How Far is Heaven, I want
to go, I want my daddy,
I miss him so”.
As the car pulled gently
into the driveway,
he finished his rendition
“Make the World go Away”.
all these years later,
my parents gone,
the 66’ Malibu
but a memory,
I wonder did the love
they had for each other
make them so lonely
they cried until
the world did go away,
and did my soul
know I would later
sing the same song
about my dad,
holding that heaven
in my heart
while missing
my mother’s eyes,
hoping one day
she would truly
see me?


  1. Wow, utterly heart-wrenching...esp. the ending.The imagery in the words you chose is so vivid!

  2. This so touched my heart...both my parents are gone now. I miss them so. One of their songs was "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain."

  3. I remember my dad singing that song as well, so many memories wrapped up in music. Thank you for your comment.

  4. I like how you've woven the specific songs titles into this poem. Powerful ending. I enjoyed following behind you as a reader on a poignant journey.

  5. You weave this so well. And the close hits my heart. Great writing Lisa.


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