Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dream (Reposted from 09/05/12)

Lisa A.Williams

My offering-
was never enough.

Fair haired man,
sipping lemonade
in the garden
it was letting go
I was most afraid of.

White flowers-
sun thirsty blooms;
release easy for them,
willingly whisked away
by soft sweeping wind,
scattering their petals
  in the hills beyond
into a summer snow
embracing the freedom
of rootless release
from dying vines
of a soured season.

Fair haired man-
led the way,
I followed .
Turning back, I saw
my chains unravel
into pure earth,
in summer snow,
bittersweet taste
                                                                     upon my tongue.


  1. Beautifully composed and great depth.

  2. a great write. The sun thirsty blooms line really stuck out for me. The piece has an elegance and a beauty in the sparse weight of the lines. Muchly enjoyed.

  3. I like how this starts - and then ends with the "bittersweet taste" that will hopefully lead you away from the chains that hold everyone back.

  4. The strong beginning and flow of this piece, story-like, but not quite, allowed me to see the scene play out in my mind. And the sentiment... the fear of letting go... is so commonly felt, experienced. Noce write. Glad you reposted it.

  5. I remember this from the original post. You already know I love, love, love it!

  6. The fear of letting go so resonates. The image of the chains and the sensory detail of the bittersweet taste upon one's tongue all work really well.

  7. This has many images brought to the reader, very good poem.


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