Saturday, September 15, 2012

Records in the Snow

Records in the Snow
Lisa A. Williams

thin blood
 between us.

one stood by,
one abandoning,
his absence
always feeding
a green need.

Cast into the cold,
we found our music-
haphazardly tossed like Frisbees,
landing upright
in a dead of winter snow.
Our treasure creating
a warmer air
between us.

Rushing in-
to hear old songs-

“Hey Paula”
our first discovery,
followed by
The Tokens
and their sleepy lion.
Then the Beatles asking,
if we “want to know a secret”
and did we “promise not to tell?”

Girlish giggles,
filled the tiny room.
For a short time,
we were bonded
by our love
for the music,
only for it
to be consumed
by old hurt’s
I wonder
after all this time,
if she still remembers
the records in the snow?



  1. Some beautiful pieces, Lisa. I especially liked this one. It paints a lot of pictures with a lot of feeling with excellent word choices and flow. Submit this somewhere if you haven't already.")

  2. btw, have you ever considered moving your blog to wordpress?

  3. A felt piece. You really nailed an atmosphere of nostalgia and wistfulness. Nicely done.

  4. Heart-felt poems in your blog.

    This poem - First, I like the strong way you start it: "Mother-," then "Fathers-." I like the "old" music theme (Beatles, etc.). And you have some great details and wording: "his absence always feeding a green need"; "45’s haphazardly tossed..." Etc.


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