Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dark Moon

Dark Moon
Lisa A.Williams

Beneath the Dark Moon
holding power,
my father’s steel cold fear
 hung heavy
 between us,
 as he lay dying,

in the
heat swelled 66 New Moon,
one day from independence,
sweating out life’s poisons
in a shaded room
seeking forgiveness
for old “sins” still haunting
his opiate dreams.

Trying to let go
fighting to stay,
 lost –
Wishing on a salvation
he never believed in-

and detachment
 sat nearby
never shedding
a tear.


  1. A great piece with fantastic imagery. "66 New Moon"...a reference to Isaiah 66? Weighty, the second stanza, especially: "sweating out life’s poisons". And your final stanza made my heart stop. Great write.

  2. 'sweating out life’s poisons in a shaded room' is great, like this one a lot x


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