Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Ladies

 The Ladies
Lisa A.Williams

They tell
of lifetimes spent
in small towns
when the world
was new to them
and grief and loss
were in their infancy,
as they raised families
still keeping their voices
in low whispers.
Time moved on,
some were separated
from parents while still
in desperate need
of their guidance.
 Husbands lost
to dying.
Their voices grew louder,
stories I was eager to hear,
in a small shop
where others “junk”
became someone elses“ treasure”.
In their company, me
at 50, still in their eyes,
a “young” woman,
to how cancer reared
its ugly head,
time and time again
sometimes beaten,
sometimes the victor.
How a man forgot
his wife’s name
and whether he was eating
cherries or grapes
as she wiped his mouth,
like he was her child.
Stories of loneliness,
 in an

empty house,
making winters
 colder than memory.
Most of all,
the treasure of aging
with strength
and beauty
how nothing would
cause the laughter
to cease.
Joy was always
on the cusp,
 the ladies-
wise enough to swoop her up
at every chance.

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